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KT Professional Kehairtherapy Advance Haircare Pre Conditioning Pack- 550 ml

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Kehairtherapy Advanced Haircare Pre Conditioning Pack

Step 1

KT Advanced Hair Care - Pre Conditioning Oil Mist.

How To Use : Spray oil mist evenly from roots to ends of the hair.

Leave it for 10 - 15 minutes before shampoo

Use daily for better results.

Step 2

KT Pre Conditioning Shampoo

1) Use after keeping Oil Mist on your hair for a maximum 15-20 minutes.

2) Pour a generous amount of KT Professional Preconditioning Shampoo according to your hair length.

3) Emulsify it properly.

4) Massage the shampoo well onto your scalp from roots to ends.

5) Keep it for about 3 minutes and then rinse off.

Step 3

KT Preconditioning Silky Serum

1) Use after Pre conditioning Shampoo.

2) Apply the serum on semi- damp hair

3) Take 4-5 pumps , apply it from roots to ends.

4) After hair is completely dry, to add more moisture, use 3 more drops of serum for healthy and shiny hair.

Step 4

Use Daily For Best Result

100% Vegan

Not Tested On Animals

It Makes Your Hair Soft, Smooth, Silky & Voluminous.

Enriched With Alpha Fatty Acids To Keep Balanced Moisture In Your Hair.

Keeps Hair Fresh & Bouncy

Key Feature:

  • This Pre Conditioning Oil Mist is a mustard oil based mist that is Essential to use daily to make your hair soft, smooth , silky & voluminous
  • This Vitamin rich mist enhances your hair quality with a natural conditioning to your hair which improves the hair texture and adds deep nourishment.
  • Pre Conditioning Shampoo hydrates the scalp and hair
  • This shampoo helps reduce premature greying and also stimulates faster hair growth.
  • Silky Serum is infused with Mustard Oil + Argan Oil + Lemon Oil + Basil Oil. protects and improves hair root health for stronger and thicker hair.

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